For who ?

Intervention, repair job, canvassing, delivery, hiring...

Your bussiness is inseparable of your vehicles.
You need to know at any times where they are.
You want to better coordinate the action of your mobile workforce.

Why ?

Working in the right direction

With you save time and money.
Your vehicles and their loads are protected.
You improve your competiticeness to better compete.

How ?

A simple and powerful solution

GPS tracking uses to locate your vehicles.
Each vehicle is equipped with a GPS tracker wich is connected to our web-based platform.
A secured client area on computer or smartphone allows you to locate your vehicles and to program all feature.

  • "Cloud" plateforme
  • No software or server installation
  • Complete interface with vertorial map
  • Multi-user Access 24h/24 and 7/7
  • Automatic GPS location while traveling.
  • Managment of engine starts and stops.
  • Remote immobilization of vehicle in case of theft.
  • Drivers and vehicles detailed journeys
  • Managment of points of interest.
  • Fully customizable inputs / outputs Alerts.
  • Mileage and time tracking with customizable alerts.