Intrusion alarm

To detect and alert

Study and realization of your intrusion security system.

  • Wired alarm systems, radio, Mixed
  • Indoor and outdoor detection
  • Partnership for remote monitoring and on-site-security


For doubt removal and analysis

The perfect complement to your intrusion alarm system.

  • Installation and setup of video recorders
  • Indoor, outdoor, day / night infared cameras.
  • Local and web based monitoring

Access control, intercom

To filter, to count, and secure

Regulate and organize your site access

  • Access control badge and biometric access
  • Autonomous, centralized or multi-site operation
  • Intercom and videophone, wired and wireless.


To simplify access

Entrance and exit of pedestrians and vehicles

  • Lifting barrier and accessories
  • Automation for swing and sliding gates
  • Pedestrian automatic turnstiles

Fire safety system

To detect and alert in case of fire

  • Type 4 to Type 1
  • Conventionnal or addressable system
  • Manual or automatic detection