Equipement of bases camp

Real field offices

  • Connecting workstation (RJ45 sockets, electrical outlets, UPS systems)
  • Telecom equipement (PBX, post...)
  • Active network equipment (DSL rooter, Hub, switch...)
  • Fire safety (construction office, base camp...)

Intrusion alarm

Stop the Looting

  • Specific wireless alarm systems for construction sites
  • Detection of outdoor and indoor intrusion
  • Video recording and doubt removal
  • Remote monitoring and on-site security

Access control, time-managment

Optimize and protect your work

  • Access filtering, to fight against undeclared work
  • Lifting barrier, pedestrian turnstiles
  • Access control card or biometric access

Webcam / timelapse

Remotely follow the progress of the work

Check out our solutions for live view and automatic photo coverage

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